2423 Quebec Inc. Parts

Update your Prevost H series coach to 2010 look at a fraction of the cost of a new coach !

 2423 Quebec Inc. can provide a wide range of  aftermarket  fiberglass motor coach parts at a significant savings. 

Put a new look caps on your coach and extend the marketable life with out the high payments of a new coach.

 Check into replacing your old framed windows with the sleek look of frameless.

Modernize your Van Hool T series coach with the new 2 windshield , round head light up dates that will make the

competitors turn their heads.










This is a 1992 Prevost H340 that Quebec, Inc has raised the roof, blanked the side windows,

and added the 2005 updated front and rear caps.

Conversion ready shells at a price far below new.


2423 Quebec, Inc. can provide various fiberglass replacement parts for M.C.I., Prevost, VanHool.

      Both stock and update parts are available. Custom parts available by special order.

All parts are hand laid for quality.



   Access doors, luggage bay doors










One piece window blanks for conversions